how to replace honda element serpentine belt and tensioner

How to Replace Honda Element Serpentine Belt & Tensioner




Step by Step How To Replace Honda Element Serpentine Belt

Replacing your serpentine belt is not as difficult as it may seem. You don’t always need to replace your tensioner but if you have the belt off it might not be a bad idea to replace it while you are half way there. 

It shouldn’t take you more then 10 or 20 minutes to fully complete this job but be careful not to pinch your fingers or let the tensioner slip while your fingers are under the belt.

  • Remove Lower Plastic Splash Guard

    The first thing you need to do is remove the lower plastic cover to gain a little better access to the belt from the underside because you will need to twist the belt later to get it to come out.

  • Support Motor with Jack

    The next thing you need to do is support the motor from below with a jack but be careful not to put too much pressure on the oil pan, you can use a scrap piece of wood to distribute the pressure evenly across the oil pan and transmission.

  • Remove Ground Strap

    The next step is to remove the 10mm bolt holding the ground strap to the metal bracket of the motor mount.

  • Remove Motor Mount Bracket

    Then use a deep 17mm socket to remove the three bolts holding that metal motor mount bracket and remove that from the engine bay.

  • Release Tensioner and Remove Belt

    Next you need to grab a 14mm wrench, offset works the best, or a specific tensioner tool if you are fancy or have one on hand and pull the tensioner until you have enough slack to slide the belt off one of the upper pulleys. You can then gently release the tensioner.

  • Reinstall Belt

    Follow the routing guide below to reinstall the new belt and you are done!


How To Replace HONDA ELEMENT Tensioner

If you need to replace your tensioner because it is squeaky, damaged or you just want to perform some routine maintenance don’t re-install the belt yet. Follow these steps to replace the tensioner

  • Remove Power Steering Pump

    Take a 14mm and remove the two bolts holding the power steering pump out and move the steering pump out of the way.

  • Remove Tensioner

    Then use your 14mm to remove the bolts holding the tensioner on and replace it with the new one.

  • Install New Tensioner

    Follow the directions in reverse order to install everything again.

HONDA ELEMENT Tensioner Torque Diagrams

how to replace honda element power steering pump diagram
how to replace honda element serpentine belt tensioner diagram

Clean or replace VTC Strainer Screen

It’s a REALLY good idea to clean your VTC strainer screen with some brake cleaner or even replace it if you see that the rubber is dry and brittle. If you have the power steering pump and tensioner removed it is just two 10mm bolts that hold on this rectangular metal plate just behind where the tensioner sits.

VTC Stainer Location

Honda element vtc strainer screen metal cover location

VTC Stainer Location closeup

dirty VTC Stainer screen

clean VTC Stainer screen

honda element vtc strainer screen clean and ready for installation

Tools you may need for the job

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