Honda Element Technical Service Bulletins – Complete TSB List

Honda Element Technical Service Bulletins

Below is a compiled list of all the Honda Element Technical Service Bulletins from around the web. It’s nice to have one condensed place to access all the TSBs. Please share this information with other Element owners who need help with their vehicles. Please click on any honda element TSB to see the full downloadable PDF file.

honda element technical service bulletins

A02-002 – Squeak at the clutch pedal (11-1-05)

A03-024  Rear seat release strap is damaged or missing 03/25/03

A03-026  Rear seat trim cover won’t stay latched 04/08/03

A03-032  Driver’s seat rocks 11/03/06

A03-033  Clicking noise from front brakes 01/09/04

A03-050  Rear hatch trim panel is loose or falls off 08/26/03

A03-056  Rattle from the A-pillar trim or corners of the dashboard 09/30/03

A03-062  Seat belt slow to retract 09/16/03

A03-068  Door lock cylinder binds 10/29/04

A03-090  Creak from the right side of the dash 12/23/03

A04-022  Hatch open indicator on, rear interior light on, or tailgate rattles 03/08/08

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A05-025  Accessory security system changes modes by itself 07/01/05

A05-034  Headlights dim or DTC P1298 is stored in the ECM/PCM 12/14/05

A05-075  Front seat-back makes a squeaking, chafing, or rubbing noise 12/21/05

A06-041  Vehicle moves (creeps) faster than expected when idling in gear 08/08/06

A07-024  Moan or Groan From the Rear Differential 10/03/07

A07-042  Front passenger’s seat squeaks or rattles 01/26/08

A07-045  Brake pedal is low and feels soft 03/05/09

A07-066  Front passenger’s seat base cover is loose 10/05/07

A08-002  MIL Comes On With DTC P0420 01/18/2008

A08-008  SRS indicator comes on with SRS DTC 3-1 or 4-1 02/05/08

A09-023  Clanking or knocking noise from the front suspension while going over bumps 04/11/09

II-2-10  Engine oil leak at the timing chain case cover 11/19/10

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