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How to Program Honda Element Key Fob – Lock and Unlock Function

How to Program Honda Element Key Fob

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Learn how to Program the lock and unlock functions

This video provides a great walk through on step-by-step How to Program Honda Element  Key Fob for Lock and Unlock Functions. You can purchase a new key fob or a spare fob from the links below! You can order the newer style fob or a flip fob but you will need to figure out the transponder chip that works with your vehicle, purchase that separately and have Honda or a Locksmith program that aspect of the remote for you. If you have any questions please leave them below and let us know if this helped you program your Honda Element key fob! I have to do more research and find a solid place to buy transponder chips, this will come in another blog entry when I sort that all out and am able to help you with that aspect. For now if you have any questions about transponder chips and which number will work with your year Honda Element please join our facebook group and ask there!

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