Enhancing Your Honda Element Experience with the Dog E Window

Hello fellow E owners! I’m Jim, and I want to share an exciting journey with you. Back in the summer of ’23, I became the proud owner of a Honda Element, envisioning it as the perfect “dog hauler” for my Giant Alaskan Malamute, Milo. Little did I know, this journey would lead to the creation of something special – the Dog E Window.

The Challenge:
Lack of Airflow and the Hot Alaskan Malamute

Our first long-distance camping trip in Washington State revealed a challenge – Milo was hot and miserable due to inadequate airflow in the E. In scorching temperatures over 90 degrees, the A/C struggled, and Milo’s discomfort turned our adventure into a vocal and displeased Malamute saga.

The Quest for a Third Door Window Replacement

Determined to enhance Milo’s ride, I set out to find a replacement for the third door window and to increase air circulation to the interior when we were camping. To my surprise, no alternatives existed. As a devoted dog owner and problem solver, I took matters into my own hands to design a window that offered easy installation, quick removal, and improved airflow. Thus, the journey of creating the Dog E Window began.

The Dog E Window Features

Manual Operation, Keyed Locks, and Seamless Fit

Honda Element Dog “E” Window Replacement with Dark Smoke Tint, locks – Manual Operation, Keyed Locks, and Seamless Fit.

Bullet Points:

  • MANUAL OPERATION: Window operates manually, easily popping in or out, ensuring hassle-free use.
  • KEYED LOCKS: Equipped with keyed locks for added security and peace of mind.
  • SEAMLESS FIT: Designed to fit seamlessly with your vehicle’s suicide door.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Made with durable and long-lasting Polycarbonate for extended use.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Purchase either passenger side or driver’s side (or both) which all come with dark smoke tint, perfect for all Honda Element models.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Features a design suitable for Honda Element, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Designed for easy installation, providing convenience to users.

Product Description:

The Honda Element Dog “E” Window Replacement is the perfect solution for Honda Element owners looking to upgrade their windows. This window has a dark smoke tint and locks for added security. Made with durable Polycarbonate, this window operates manually, allowing you to easily pop it in or out whenever needed. The keyed locks provide an extra layer of security. The seamless fit ensures that it complements your vehicle’s suicide door perfectly. Ideal for all Honda Element models, this window replacement is not only functional but also increases the airflow to the vehicle. Upgrade your ride with this high-quality and functional window replacement.

Made in the United States, this product ensures the highest quality and durability. The durable Polycarbonate material used guarantees longevity and reliable performance. Easy to install, this window replacement is suitable for all of the Honda Element models (with or without window visors), providing a seamless fit and enhancing your vehicle’s air flow for you and for your dogE ! 🙂

Driver's Side

Honda Element Dog “E” Window Replacement (Driver’s Side), Dark Smoke Tint, locks

Both Sides

Honda Element Dog “E” Window Replacement (Both Sides), Dark Smoke Tint, locks

Passenger's Side

Honda Element Dog “E” Window Replacement (Passenger’s Side), Dark Smoke Tint, locks

Install Videos on YouTube

For user convenience, install videos are available on YouTube, guiding customers through the straightforward installation process.

User Experience and Safety

Safety Disclaimer: Owner’s Responsibility to Secure Pets

On a crucial note: The safety of your pets and passenger’s is the owner’s responsibility at all times. Please secure any passengers and/or pets when utilizing the Dog E Window! Safety first!

Follow Milo's Adventures on Instagram

Join Milo on Instagram @MiloandMcfly to witness his adventures with the Dog E Window. Real stories from real users highlight the window’s positive impact.


In the world of Honda Element ownership, the Dog E Window stands out as a testament to a dog owner’s dedication to their furry companion. The window not only addresses the challenges of airflow but does so with style, functionality, and a touch of personalization. Upgrade your Honda Element experience with the Dog E Window and let your camping and dog friendly adventures be as enjoyable as possible.


Is the Dog E Window suitable for all Honda Element models?

Yes, the window is designed to fit seamlessly with various Honda Element models.

Can I install the window myself?

Absolutely! The Dog E Window is designed for easy installation, and you can find helpful install videos on YouTube.

What material is used for the window?

The window is crafted from durable 3/16 Polycarbonate, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Is the window compatible with rain guards?

Yes, it works seamlessly with or without rain guards, providing flexibility to Element owners.

How can I ensure my dog's safety while using the Dog E Window?

While the window enhances airflow, securing your pet in the vehicle is the owner's responsibility. Always ensure your furry friend is safely restrained.

Dog E Windows Pin
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