honda element EP3 seats civic chairs custom install

How to Swap Civic EP3 seats into your Honda Element

honda element EP3 seats civic chairs custom install

In the pursuit of enhancing the comfort and visual appeal of a 2003 Honda Element, the owner and YouTuber [Junked Elements] recently undertook a transformative seat swap, replacing the worn-out OEM seats with a set from a Honda Civic EP3. The decision stemmed from the inevitable wear and tear experienced by the Element seats after covering a significant 150,000 miles. The Civic EP3 seats not only offered a modern aesthetic but also promised a considerable improvement in overall comfort. The entire process, meticulously documented in [this video, also linked below], stands as a valuable resource for Honda Element enthusiasts seeking an alternative to their aging seats.

The modification journey required a methodical approach, from the crucial step of disconnecting the car battery to prevent airbag light issues to making precise adjustments such as trimming plastic and cushions for a seamless fit. Despite a minor challenge during the rear panel modification, the end result showcased a set of seats that not only delivered exceptional comfort but also introduced a sportier touch to the vehicle’s interior. The EP3 seats, adorned in a green hue that effortlessly complemented the Element’s interior, offered a cohesive and visually pleasing upgrade. For those contemplating a similar seat swap, it is recommended to explore local resources like Facebook Marketplace for Civic EP3 part-outs or junkyards, as the seats for this project were conveniently sourced from a junkyard, making the entire modification process both rewarding and cost-effective. Overall, the Honda Element seat swap with Civic EP3 seats emerges as a compelling project, elevating the driving experience while giving the interior a rejuvenated and stylish ambiance. View the complete transformation journey in the video for an in-depth guide and valuable insights.

honda element EP3 seats civic chairs custom insta.

YouTube Video Time Stamp

– [00:00] ๐Ÿš— Transforming 2003 Honda Element seats using Honda Civic EP3 seats due to Element seats’ wear and tear.
– [01:08] ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Disconnect the car battery for 20 minutes before seat removal to avoid triggering the airbag light.
– [02:07] โœ‚๏ธ Adjustments needed: trim plastic and cushion for proper fit, especially around the seat height adjuster knob.
– [03:38] ๐Ÿšจ Note: Pay attention to the metal bracket and plastic piece alignment when installing seat panels.
– [05:46] ๐Ÿงฐ Modifying panel release bracket for Element’s passenger side to match Civic’s design.
– [07:22] ๐Ÿช‘ Grand reveal: Honda Civic EP3 seats provide a comfortable, sporty alternative for Honda Element with a relatively easy installation process.
– [08:44] โฑ๏ธ Challenging part: Rear panel modification for seat lever, but overall, the swap enhances comfort, aesthetics, and offers a sportier look.
– [09:27] ๐ŸŒ To find Civic EP3 seats: Check Facebook Marketplace for part-outs or junkyards; the swap took about 3 hours for a first-timer.

Honda Element Ep3 Seat Swap

Are the Ep3 Seats the Best Seat Upgrade?

Explore the ultimate transformation journey as we detail the step-by-step process of swapping worn-out OEM seats in a 2003 Honda Element with Honda Civic EP3 seats. Discover practical tips, from disconnecting the car battery to ensure a smooth installation process to making precise adjustments for a seamless fit. This comprehensive guide not only addresses the challenges faced during the modification, such as rear panel adjustments but also highlights the rewarding results โ€“ a refreshed interior with a sportier touch and enhanced comfort. Whether you’re a Honda Element enthusiast or someone seeking an affordable and stylish seat upgrade, our in-depth video and article provide valuable insights and recommendations. Find out how this seat swap project can revitalize your driving experience and give your vehicle a modern, rejuvenated look. Unlock the potential for comfort and style with this must-read guide for automotive enthusiasts. Checkout this other article if EP3 seats are not for you!ย 

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