how to replace honda element knock sensor with diagrams

How to Replace Honda Element Knock Sensor with Diagrams

How to Replace Honda Element knock sensor

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Learn how to replace your knock sensor from this video!

This video provides a great walk through on how to step-by-step change your Honda Element Knock Sensor.  Please do yourself the favor and replace this with an OEM genuine Honda knock sensor, it’s not too expensive on Amazon! I have a link below to the OEM product. If you ask in the group everyone will say the cheap $10 ones go bad right away and there is no use doing something wrong on;y to fix it later, just get it done right the first time! There is two ways to replace the knock sensor, you can either go from the top or the bottom. The video above shows replacing it without removing the intake but there are people out there who have replaced it by removing the intake manifold to gain more access, pretty much the same procedure as changing the starter. When I replaced my knock sensor I went from under the car with a long extension and a swivel socket and it was not easy but I got it done. I also did the same procedure on a friend’s second gen Honda CRV with the same motor as the Element. Hope this helps you and if you have any questions please join our facebook group and ask there!

honda element knock sensor torque specs

Darrell from our Facebook group pointed out that knock sensors are very sensitive piezo electric sensors and need to be torqued to 23ftlbs so that it can ready knock properly! Shoutout to Darrell from our Facebook group for the great information! If you are not already a member of our group with really helpful information like this posted daily, please click the banner below to join!

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