DIY Custom Honda Element Mods

Honda Element DIY Custom Modifications

Honda Element DIY Custom Modifications

Honda Element owners are some of the most creative people on the planet. I’ve been saving pictures for a few years of all different kinds of DIY mods and put together this article to inspire you to get out there and create something custom for your honda element. These mods range from making your element just a little bit more comfortable to a lot more functional and some of them are just for styling and looks. Have you ever thought about putting an ipad in your dashboard or building a subwoofer in your rear door? How about converting your element into a child’s lunch area or if you want to know the cleanest way to wire up an LED light bar to the roof? You are in luck as these are some of the most interesting and creative custom DIY modifications I have found that Element owners have done to their cars. If you have done some cool mod not pictured here, please leave me a photo in the comments and I will incorporate it into the gallery!

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Custom DIY Honda Element Mods Gallery

Hope these DIY custom Honda Element Mods are worthy of inspiration. Did you take the poll at the top of this page? If not scroll back up! I’m curious what motivates you to modify your Honda Element.

What is your favorite DIY custom mod that you are going to try?
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