5 Essential Maintenance Checklist Items for Honda Element Owners

The 5 Essential

Maintenance Checklist Items for Honda Element Owners

What is a Maintenance Checklist?

Your Honda Element maintenance checklist is a list of tasks that should be performed periodically to keep a vehicle in safe working order. It is important for drivers to maintain their vehicles on a regular basis because neglecting these tasks can lead to costly repairs down the line.

The checklist includes items such as oil and coolant levels, tire pressure, and other routine maintenance tasks.

Honda Element Parts Checklist from Pexels

Maintenance Checklist for Honda Element Owners

  • 1. Regularly Check Tire Pressure and Rotate Tires

    The easiest and most frequent maintenance item is to check your tire pressure often. Tire pressure is an important factor of tire safety and performance. It affects gas mileage, handling, and comfort. Tire pressure can be checked by using a tire gauge.The recommended cold tire inflation is 32 psi (pounds per square inch) for your Honda Element (please check with your after market wheel specs if you are not running OEM wheels.)Rotating your tires in regular intervals helps even the wear and gives your tires longer life. To clear up a common misconception, you should always have more tread in the rear. When you turn a corner in the winter, it’s easy to assume you want traction in your steer tires up front but actually if your rear tires are more worn out it could cause the rear end to fishtail causing you to lose control when cornering easier. Always keep more tread in the rear of the vehicle.

  • 2. Check your Valve Clearances Often

    A very easy maintenance item is to check your valve lash often. I have summed up the whole procedure with all the tools you need to have here. This procedure is the easiest thing to do to ensure long life out of your k24 engine.

  • 3. Check for Rust and Keep it Away by Regularly Washing your Honda Element

    Rust is a destructive form of corrosion that can lead to permanent damage to the vehicle. It is important for Honda Element owners to check for rust and keep it away by regularly washing their vehicle. There are products available at your local parts store that can help curb the spread of rust but the only way to get rid of rust entirely is to cut it out and replace the metal. So keep your Element clean and this can help prolong the life of your Honda Element.

  • 4. Flush Rear Differential Fluid

    Not hard to do, flushing your rear diff fluid is a great maintenance task you can complete in around 20 minutes. Simply locate the fill and drain bolts on the side of the diff. Pop the Fill bolt first to ensure you can top it off after emptying it first. Once you have the Fill bolt out, Remove the Drain bolt and let drain into a container or oil pan. Then put the Drain bolt back on and use a long flexible hose and a funnel to refill the diff. Fill it until it starts to overflow and then replace the Fill bolt.

  • 5. Check Engine Light is On? Use a Scan Tool or Code Reader and Have it Diagnosed!

    Always keep an eye on your dash lights. We have an entire section on this website about what each OBD code means. Check it out by clicking the blue circle!

5 Essential Maintenance Checklist Items for Honda Element Owners

Keeping Up With the Regular Maintenance can Save You Money and Help Prevent Future Issues!

Regular vehicle checks can help you save money and prevent future issues. The ones listed above are obviously very important but don’t skip out on other maintenance items such as:


– Oil Changes

– Brake Inspections

– Battery Checks

– Wiper Blades

– Windshield Washer Fluid Level Check

– Air Filter Replacement

– Cabin Air Filter Replacement

– Emergency Brake Cable Checks

Click this image to learn where are the parts of your engine are which will help you maintain your Element!

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Technical Resources

Honda Element Technical Service Bulletins

Over the years Honda has released a number of TSB's to help Honda technicians repair common problems. We got our hands on them and they are all presented here to help you fix some of these common issues at home.


Honda Element Service Manual

The ultimate guide for servicing your Honda Element. This manual will show you everything you need to know about servicing your Honda Element, from oil changes to torque specs. It also provides helpful tips to maintain your Element.


Honda Element Diagnostic Code Meanings

Full list of all of the possible OBD2 code readings that can occur when that pesky check engine light illuminates. These can give you a start to help you diagnose your Element. Code Reader Link also provided if you want to own your own reader.

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