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Sancho Panda Honda Element – Owner Profile



This love story begins Valentines day 2015, fate was sealed when Don Sancho purchased this 2008 Honda Element from a local dealer with only 95k miles (a baby for any Honda)

Growing up in Sin City this Element has quite the mystery surrounding it. The owner only poses with masks or bandanas on his face only adding to the mystery that is Sancho Panda. I was able to squeeze some information about this unique build out of the owner and I would love to share everything I have learned with you.

With roots in the domestic car scene inspired by the nostalgic cars of his mother, this iteration of that car modification love is getting a lot of attention in the Honda Element community.

One of the first things that stands out about this Element is that it is white. Honda never produced a pure white Honda Element during the production years and looking at this you have you wonder why not? Damn it looks good in white and compliments the black panels making the classic JDM panda look.




It wasn’t always white and black panda parades, this Element started it’s life as a Tangerine Metallic. Mr. Sancho built it into quite a recognizable vehicle before going with the panda theme. Most of the current mods were done at this stage of the build. A very unique take on the Element platform we see he did a orange and black color scheme. Let’s take a look at some of these memorable shots of it in this orange status.




Spec List


  • White Vinyl Wrap
  • Front Bull Bar
  • iBoards Running Boards
  • Clear Headlights with XK Glow LED bulbs
  • Auxbeam yellow LED fog lights
  • Auxbeam Light BAr
  • SC Spoiler
  • OEM Roof Rack
  • Taillight Guards
  •  Ford GT500 Hood Vent
  • LED Fog Lights


  • Full SC Black Interior
  • Pioneer Speakers


  • KSport Kontrol Pro Damper Coilovers
  • KSport Rear Lower Control Arms

Wheel Setup

  • Cragar D Window
  • 15×8 -13 Offset
  • Bolt Pattern 5×4.5
  •  Kumho Solus TA11 215/75/R15 100T

Sancho Panda In Action

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